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Theory and Praxis

Goal IV:
Students have a critical grounding in theoretical perspectives that draw on research in LIS as well as other fields of knowledge, that inform their professional practices including research, organization, management, and access to information.

IV.a. Students will describe applications of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in library and information science.

This case study's focus is from both a financial and research-based standpoint with respect to the Walt Disney Company's plans for the design and construction of their Disney park in Shanghai, China.
The objective of this study is to present the company's lengthy research process in order to best acknowledge and honor the Chinese culture.

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Photo credit: Google images


Photo credit: Google images

IV.b. Students will identify opportunities for research and develop plans for research in applied settings in library and information science.

This artifact is an analysis of research-based article. The topic of the article pertains to the role of a librarian, specifically with respect to research librarians in institutional repository data set collections.

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