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Systems and Services

Goal II:
Students understand the systems and technologies that facilitate the management and use of information resources to serve the diverse needs of users.

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​II.a Students identify and analyze diverse information needs of individuals and communities.

This artifact, as part of the Multicultural Literature for Children course, includes my 'Commitment to Diversity', book evaluations among varying genres, and finally my detailed application of how I will apply my experiences to the workplace and introduce children to an array of genres, thereby promoting inclusion and diversity.

II.b. Students evaluate and select print and digital information resources and systems to meet needs of users.

This assignment explores a local library's access to emerging technologies via their website and resources available to the website's visitors. This assignment also demonstrates how this library has developed over time to adapt to today's ever-changing technological advancements.

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II.c.  Students understand and use appropriate information technology for information services.

This presentation brings forth historical information, by way of a timeline, discussing the influential people and circumstances which ultimately lead to the creation of the card catalog and its transformation over the course of several years.

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